Akvo, provider of free and open knowledge

30 05 2008

Akvo, a very ambitious project caught my eye.


To provide free and open working knowledge, a collaborative community, finance solutions and a marketplace for the water and sanitation community“.

After a brief chat with Peter van der Linde, the idea that is behind the whole project just popped out by it self. They are building a “Wikipedia”, an “Ebay” a “Youtube” for water.

The first one “Akvopedia” is a natural and simple idea of using a well known environment to spread information on water. The other two (which will be one) will be a kind of ebay and youtube all in one, which will be a simple way of searching for water and sanitation projects.

But enough of me going on about this project, it really is interesting when you go and find it out for your self, and please do remember that this project is still in construction and development.