Green Week 2008

15 04 2008

It began some years ago, and once again this year is no exception, the Green Week is already on for the year of 2008.

The Green Week takes a very close look into environmental problems through very high-level conferences open to everyone. This year the Week will be the one from the 3rd to the 6th of June, in the Charlemagne building on Rue de la Loi in Brussels, Belgium.

The registration is free but still not opened, but it will be during the current month at the following website:

There is already a draft program that can be consulted here:

If all of this did not convince you, then you should go and check out last year’s Green Week:

In short, we are delivering a Europe of results, in a policy area that the peoples of Europe care deeply about. In fact, no fewer than 72% of respondents in a recent Eurobarometer survey favoured more decision-making on the environment at European level. The message is clear: when it comes to protecting Europe’s environment, Europeans want more Europe.

Excerpt from opening speech at Green Week 2007 by José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission




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